Carolyn Winbush, LMBT #17304 NC
Customized Integrated Massage Techniques, Certified MediCupping and Massage Cupping Therapy

"Over the past 10 years I have had a number of massage therapists and I have to say that Carolyn is the very best. I have been very impressed by the depth of her knowledge as well as her therapy skills. Carolyn is very personable and genuinely cares about the practice and her patients. She loves what she does and it shows in every way." Lorri W.

"Carolyn Winbush is one of the best massage therapists I have ever come across. She pays close attention to every area that needs therapy and provides the right amount of pressure to those areas. She has always been a great joy to come in and see every week!" Kristen B.

"I have been a client of Carolyn's for the past 12 months and I want to take this opportunity to tell you what an excellent job she does. She knows so much about muscles, tendons and trigger points. She is very thorough and always finds the root of the problem, even if it is not where it appears to be. She is able to get muscles to relax and stretch much better than any other therapist I have seen in the past. Specifically, I have been experiencing IT Band issues for the past several years and Carolyn is the only person I found that can loosen up my muscles enough to get substantial pain and tightness relief. She has also showed me numerous stretches that have helped this issue immensely." Connie C.

"Carolyn Winbush is the best massage therapist I have experienced. I have recently been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome and she is able to find and work out areas to relieve headaches and muscle pains which helps me to regain my normal function. Carolyn is great with deep tissue and relaxing massage. She is very 'tuned in' to the person she is working and can always find the right spots that need attention. She has an interest in not only what is going on with your body, but also in whom you are. She is very knowledgeable about the body and gives advice on how to stretch properly to maintain health in my trouble areas. After my treatments Carolyn has decreased my low back, hip and shoulder muscle spasms, knots, as well as stiffness which allow me to sleep and walk better. I look forward to my weekly massages. Not only is Carolyn compassionate about her work she is excellent in providing relief to sick and injured muscles, and all done to your tolerance." Sandie N.

"I began seeing Carolyn Winbush at my chiropractor's recommendation for constant and extremely painful hip pain from carrying my toddler; as well as a rotator cuff injury from exercise. I was immediately astounded by the results. Soon I had no pain at all in my hips or shoulder. I continued to see Carolyn regularly for muscle strains and tightness due to my rigorous exercise. After six months of weekly visits I scaled down to twice per month for maintenance. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking for effective deep tissue massage and relief of muscular pain and fatigue. In fact, I have recommended her to many friends, and my husband became a client several months ago. She is very knowledgeable and extremely effective." Lynn G.

"Carolyn Winbush has been my massage therapist for several months. I had been searching for a massage therapist that performed an actual therapeutic massage versus a "spa" massage to treat muscle spasms in my upper back, shoulders and neck. Carolyn is exactly what I had been looking for. She is knowledgeable about physiology, responsive to my requests regarding pressure and sensitive areas, and always professional. Not only has Carolyn helped me with the muscle spasms, she also helped me avoid injury while I trained for a half marathon this past fall." Shannon R.

"I have been receiving weekly massage therapy from Carolyn Winbush for 1 1/2 years. Before each session she made an evaluation of my needs and customized the massage to relieve tension and/or painful areas in my neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet. She worked with me to design stretches that I can use to prepare for physical activities and to help me recover after that activity. By using these stretches and following Carolyn's recommendations, I have become more able to participate in physical activities wisely so I can avoid problems. She has always been a good communicator--demonstrating a mature ability to listen and make accurate assessments that promote recovery and improvement for me. I appreciate her desire to teach me how to achieve maximum benefits after the massage therapy and move toward full and complete recovery from old injuries..... Because of her experience and expertise my quality of life has been greatly improved." Pamela W.

"During my course of treatment, I found Carolyn to be an extremely knowledgeable, well trained health care professional. She demonstrated her knowledge by always explaining what muscles she was manipulating. Carolyn's demeanor is always professional and she goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. She has a great sense of humor and what I would call a great bedside manner." Scott B.

"...I've had three car accidents in the past three years. Each time, my old injury is aggravated. Ms. Winbush listened to my concerns and developed appropriate protocols which yielded positive outcomes. Carolyn is very personable and follows the client's lead on how much interaction takes place during the session. Sometimes I wanted to talk the whole session while experiencing her awesome techniques and other times, I just wanted peace and quiet. Carolyn knows how to create the proper atmosphere so that her clients can enjoy the experience. Ms. Winbush is very knowledgeable in her field and often recommended techniques to utilize in between my weekly sessions which were invaluable." Pamela C.

"I would like to give Carolyn Winbush a fantastic recommendation for her massage therapy work at ..... Chiropractic and Wellness Center.... Carolyn is very professional, understands my needs as a patient and/or client and has been able to accomplish the muscle goals I needed to recover from workout injuries. She has a funny and easy going personality, so I have felt very comfortable with her as my massage therapist. I highly recommend Carolyn Winbush for massage therapy for anyone needing muscle healing, muscle relaxing, or any kind of therapeutic massage. Her knowledge and understanding of the body and muscles is superior." Karen H.

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