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Customized Integrated Massage Techniques, Certified MediCupping and Massage Cupping Therapy
Massage Modalities

Massage Modalities:

  • Certified MediCuppingTM and Massage CuppingTM are used to optimize blood flow and circulation, hydrate tissues, soften muscles and connective tissue, and release deep inflammation, toxins and excess fluids through lymphatic drainage. Cups along with a vacuum pump create negative pressure and are moved along the skin. Areas such as the spine and scapula can be worked on which are typically avoided in traditional massage. Cupping is an adaptation of ancient, traditional Chinese medicine. The results are remarkable!
    • Supports orthopedic surgeries and medical procedures recovery
    • Minimizes wrinkles and reduces sagging by eliminating face and neck fluid and waste buildup
    • Releases and diminishes post-surgery scar tissues
    • Decreases "solid bloat" 
  • Lymphatic drainage is a technique applying very soft pressure in a circular motion across the body. It is often used to help clients with sports injuries, who lack energy, are experiencing minor aches and pains, or has an immune system that is sluggish. Lymphatic drainage stimulates lymph flow, clears the debris and toxins in tissue, helps reduce minor edema, helps scarred tissue heal and regenerate by stimulating circulation, and enhances immunity.
  • Sports and orthopedic therapy is used to repair inflammation and soft tissue trauma. It includes isolated stretching,myoskeletal alignment, normalization of soft tissue, cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques to help heal the body and prevent future damage. Clients are given self-stretching techniques and advice to aid in the healing processes at the end of each treatment. 
  • Deep tissue massage relieves severe muscle and connective tissue tension and pain. Recommended for clients who are athletes, have been physically injured or experience pain consistently. Intense pressure is applied to surface and deep layers of fascia and muscles. Deep tissue massage is performed to address specific complaints and/or muscular-skelatal issues. This technique is performed and deliberately focused on targeted areas of the body (not full-body). 
  • Myofascial release manipulates soft and connective tissue that has become restricted by overuse, inactivity or trauma, resulting in muscle tension, pain and decreased blood flow. This technique applies constant force until the tissue releases and/or stretching until free movement is achieved. Posture is often improved as a result of the myofascial release technique. 
  • Trigger point is a knot in muscle fibers which often cause pain in a specific area, which often causes pain to radiate from the point to other areas which can be distant from the point itself. Trigger points are often caused by acute stress, accident or direct trauma, muscle overload and health issues. Direct pressure and isolated stretching is used to "deactivate" the trigger point, allowing the muscle to elongate and reestablish its natural range of motion. 
  • TMD are issues with the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ) and facial muscles around the jaw. Possible causes are stress (clenching teeth and tightening facial and jaw muscles), injury to the joint, head and neck muscles. Massage helps the muscles relax, relieving pain and tension.
  • Pregnancy/Prenatal and Postnatal Massage is specifically tailored to help women as they go through pregnancy stages. Using comfortable pillows to lay comfortably on your side, this relaxing massage may relieve stress, boost the immune system, lower anxiety, decrease leg and back pain, improve sleep and overall mood by increasing dopamine and serotonin hormone levels.  
  • Deep pressure massage is a full-body technique using strong and occasionally intense, sustained pressure to relax the body, reduce stiffness in joints and improving muscles range of motion.  
  • Reflexology applies pressure to the hands, feet or ears. The technique is based on a system of reflex areas and zones on the hands and feet corresponding to the specific areas of the body. Reflexology may relieve stress, reduce strain, and improve health and balance.
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