Carolyn Winbush, LMBT #17304 NC
Customized Integrated Massage Techniques, Certified MediCupping and Massage Cupping Therapy

Carolyn Winbush, L.M.B.T., License #17304, NC

(formerly Integrated Massage for Every Body, LLC, Alpharetta, GA)

Certified MediCuppingTM and ACE Massage CuppingTM Therapist


Office Locations (Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville):

In Motion Fitness, Inc.

19607 West Catawba Ave., Suite 102

Cornelius, NC 28031

Cell: 770-309-4904


736 Brawley School Rd. Suite G
Mooresville, NC 28117

Cell: 770-309-4904

Off-site treatments, including sports and charitable events are available upon request. Please call 770-309-4904 to learn more and schedule.  



Do you suffer from a sports or accident injury, want increased athletic performance, or have areas with limited range of motion, aches and pains? Do you simply want to relax your body and mind, and relieve tension and stress? Whatever your need, treatment will be customized, integrating massage modalities listed below, for you to receive maximum therapeutic benefit. 

Carolyn can work with your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist and personal trainer to develop the best treatment program for you. She has extensive experience helping athletes increase their performance levels and healing sports injury and accident victims.

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Carolyn Winbush, has over 16 years of experience and is professionally trained and qualified in each of the following Massage Specialties/Modalities:

  • certified MediCuppingTM and ACE Massage Cupping TM
  • sports and orthopedic
  • lymphatic drainage
  • deep tissue
  • myofascial release
  • trigger point
  • pregnancy/prenatal 
  • IASTM -instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Carolyn is also a trained doula (child birth assistant and supporter). 

Let Carolyn help you achieve optimum wellness and feel your best! 

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